The Farm

With 200 cows to tend to, as well as chickens, ducks, orchards and the gardens we have to work hard to care for our family-run farm and produce the delicious food in our farm shop.

The majority of the food in our farm shop and Bed & Breakfast comes from our farm, save for the delicious Styles ice-cream from Minehead. We have had many happy customers compliment us on the fantastic quality of the food in our farm shop, from the array of meat to the homemade cakes, using eggs and butter from our own farm.  
Here at Pyrland Farm, we achieve the delicious meals in our Bed & Breakfast by using fresh ingredients. This is why we strive to improve the quality of our food by growing vegetables and rearing happy and safe animals to the best of our ability. We ensure that all of our animals are well fed and healthy to provide the finest milk, meat and eggs.
We pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly farm, and do everything we can to restrict our impact on the environment. The entire farm, including the shop and the bed and breakfast, is powered by a wood chip boiler, with wood chips from our own farm. This boiler powers the heating throughout the farm, instead of relying on more harmful fuel types.
Not only do we use the wood chip boiler but we have an array of solar panels working to power the farm and the house, so we can really make the most of the weather.

When you come to Pyrland Farm, not only can you buy and experience the food in our farm shop, you can come to our farm where you can watch the milking and visit the calves and other baby animals. With cows, horses, and an assortment of other wildlife, daily life on the farm is tough, but it’s always rewarding.

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We cant wait to welcome you to the farm,
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